Who creates as built drawings?

It might seem obvious that architects should be the ones to create as built drawings however a lot of different professionals in the AEC industry are capable of creating as built drawings.

Architects, interior designers, engineers, and contractors have the knowledge and ability to generate layouts for buildings as part of their job & skill. As built documentation is one part of the job and is usually one of the first steps before starting a project.

Design & building professionals need as built drawings to plan their designs and provide construction estimates to stakeholders.

As Built Floor Plan by As Built LA (ABLA)

Recently, dedicated as built companies started offering as built documentation services producing highly accurate and detailed sets of drawings for other professionals in the AEC industry.

As built companies help design & building professionals alike streamline their work and focus on other tedious parts of their work or service.

With the help of specialized hardware and software, as built services have the ability to produce as builts faster than any architect, engineer, or builder. Hardware such as 3D cameras, 3D scanners, laser scanner, and 360 cameras.

Why You Should Consider An As Built Service

Beside the specialized hardware and software, as built companies train their associates to capture a lot of details and information that are often missed by other specialties. As a result, less field visits are needed by design or building professionals

As built surveyors are highly efficient and can finish documenting a space 10X or 20X any other architect or engineer even though architects & engineers have a higher level of knowledge of the building structure, building code, and building elements.

Efficiency is key on project site since project access is sometimes limited to properties or buildings due to various reasons and the goal is to always get as much information as fast as possible – think of it as a critical mission

Some properties have site conditions that make it hard to other professionals to access and work with, while as built companies can be equipped to work along site conditions and through site challenges