What is A Total Station?

A total station is a precision surveying instrument used to measure angles and distances on a piece of land. It combines the functions of a theodolite (an instrument for measuring angles) and an electronic distance meter (EDM) to provide accurate measurements of both horizontal and vertical angles as well as distances. Total stations use a laser beam to measure distances and are able to record data electronically, which can then be downloaded to a computer for analysis and mapping. Total stations are commonly used by land surveyors to measure and map out the boundaries and features of a piece of land for various purposes, including construction, property sales, and land-use planning.

Who Uses Total Station

Total stations are essential tools for land surveyors, civil engineers, and construction professionals who need to make precise measurements on a piece of land. They consist of a telescope mounted on a tripod, which can rotate horizontally and vertically. The telescope contains a small computer that can record data and display it on a screen for the surveyor to see. The computer is also used to control the laser beam, which is used to measure distances.

How to Use A Total Station

To use a total station, the surveyor sets up the tripod and levels it to ensure accuracy. They then point the telescope at a target and use the laser beam to measure the distance between the total station and the target. The total station also measures the angle between the telescope and the target, allowing the surveyor to calculate the exact location of the target.

Why is Total Station Used

Total stations are commonly used for a variety of surveying tasks, including:

  • Measuring the boundaries of a piece of land
  • Mapping out topographic features, such as hills, valleys, and bodies of water
  • Determining the location of buildings, roads, and other structures
  • Monitoring the progress of construction projects
  • Creating 3D models of land features

Top Companies That Sell Total Stations

You can get a system from these top companies

  1. Trimble
  2. Leica Geosystems
  3. Topcon Positioning Systems
  4. Sokkia Corporation
  5. Pentax Surveying

Overall, total stations are an essential tool for any professional involved in land surveying, civil engineering, or construction