Good Design Starts With Good As Builts

Design takes time – good design takes even longer.

With everything else in your firm screaming for your attention, finding enough time – scratch that, quality time to create memorable design is becoming harder with each new project your bring in.

Beside managing your social media, your different contractors & employees, property measuring & documentation is probably the most-consuming task you deal with as a design pro.

Not only it takes precious hours from your day, its a laborious task that requires standing long on your feet – heck, even bending on the floor to get that tiny measurement.

Worst of all, it gives the client the chance to add tiny bits & pieces to the design & scope of work. And guess what, it’s always a small change (in their perspective) that shouldn’t affect your quote & pricing.

Ever heard of as built services? A service that takes care of property measurements, taking all the photos & videos you need to revisit, and best of all, providing the property layout in a CAD format – best if 3D is provided too!

That’s exactly what we do at As Built LA – We free design pros from this mundane task and give them precious hours back to do what they do best: Design

You would be surprised how adding an as built service to your arsenal of contractors can supercharge your firm performance, profitability, and best of all – give you peace of mind.

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