Using 3D Scans To Help with As Built Drawings

We have been using & creating 3D scans at As Built LA for several years at this point. 3D scans have been an integral part of our workflow process of creating as built drawings.

It allows us to revisit the project infinite times from the comfort of our office.

Before we dive really deep into the subject, here’s a 3D scan that we created before:

There are several providers out there but we have stuck to Matterport as they offer the most features compared to any other service.

3D scans in Matterport allow taking measurements, touring the different floors, and taking a wholesome look at the model using the “Dollhouse View”.

The ability to take measurements from within the 3D scan acts as a back system in case we forgot to take any manual measurements when we are performing a field visit to prepare as built drawings.

The Dollhouse view allow us to see how the different floors stack on top of each other and the relationship between them. This feature alone is ultra helpful in understanding the structure.

As Built LA – Interior Scan – Doll House View

Another helpful feature is the floor plan view feature (we cannot wait to see a feature that allow us to see “reflected Ceiling Plan” view in Matterport.

Interior 3D Scan – As Built LA

The floor plan view allow us to see the relationships between the different spaces and enable us to detect hidden gaps or separations within walls invisible to our eyes on site.

Now all of the features mentioned above have to do with Matterport specifically and might not be available through other platforms that offer 3D scans. So now I will talk about features that should be generally available through 3D scan platforms or platforms that offer Virtual Tours.

One core feature is the ability to view in 360. At heart, all 3D scan & virtual tour services are taking 360 photos and stitching it together to create the virtual tour.

Now 360s make it easier to look at any room or space compared to classic photos that have a narrow range.

When we first started doing as built drawings, we used to take hundreds of regular photos and then have to go through the gruesome process of remembering and figuring out which photo refers to which room.

Not to mention the chance of missing taking key photos (you never want to miss taking a photo of a door or a window).

Finally, we always ended up with a massive folder that has hundreds of files that takes couple gigs or more of our storage.

In summary, consider investing in at least in a 360 camera and get 360 photos. Afterwards, consider using a 3D scanning software or service to complement and support the as built documentation process.

In fact, you can actually hire us for your 3D scan needs if the need ever rise!

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